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It was time to make the change



For many years Peter had been working as a Store Manager for a large supermarket chain.

Peter always had a desire to follow his passion for IT and decided it was time to make the change.

There were a number of key factors in Peter’s decision to study at Computer Power Institute: the flexible hours, placement assistance, the curriculum and environment.

Computer Power’s Placement Team worked with Peter on every aspect of his job search.  Peter put in 100% and within seven weeks landed a Technical Support role with a mobile technology company.


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Limited work experience didn’t hold Jonathan back



Jonathan had completed a Diploma of Business Administration and was volunteering in a Admin/IT role when he made the decision to pursue IT as a career.


He chose to study at Computer Power Institute because he wanted to learn in an office environment as opposed to a traditional classroom. The added bonus of the placement advice and support was an attraction.


Having limited work experience didn’t hold Jonathan back. He worked closely with the National Placement Consultant to create a winning resume, and learnt how to prepare for an interview – everything from image, to answering behavioural and technical questions.


Jonathan landed the first role he applied for! He is now a Client Support Officer at a Software Company, and is excited about his role and the scope for future professional growth.


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Working with our Job Placement Consultant leads to employment




Robyn made the switch from Customer Service to Software Development.

Robyn grew up watching her mother mark her students programming projects. Robyn’s fascination and curiosity led her to start writing code from the time she was eight years old.  Robyn was sold, one day she would be a developer! Robyn felt that having an IT qualification would assist her in achieving her career goals. After researching courses she decided to study at Computer Power Institute as the Diploma of Software Development had the content she was after.

Shortly before completing her diploma, Robyn began working with Computer Power’s National Placement Consultant. Together they created a new resume and worked on the best approach to writing application letters.

Highly motivated to find a job, Robyn worked tirelessly on her job search. Part of an application involved creating a website which the prospective employer evaluated. Robyn then had to pass technical tests before being invited back for a final interview.

The effort was worth it – after a successful final interview, Robyn is now a Junior Software Developer; a position she secured less than two months after finishing her Computer Power diploma.

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The most common job interview questions and how to answer them


WE’VE all been there. You turn up at an interview, mindlessly babble through a series of awkward questions and come out hoping you’ll get offered a job.

But with a little bit of thought it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s how to answer the most common interview questions.


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The role of our Instructors


Our Instructors view themselves as coaches and mentors. They do not teach in the traditional sense of teachers or lecturers, they assist the students towards the development of knowledge and skills. Our policy is to encourage students to attempt to resolve their own problems and then as needed seek instructional assistance.

Our Academic Team is made up of eight (possibly more by the time you read this) Instructors and an Academic Manager.

All of our instructors hold a certificate in Training and Assessment, which ensures they are qualified to deliver the accredited Computer Power training and to assess students work. Trainers also hold a qualification within their speciality area such as Networking and Software Development.

We want our students to be able to learn for themselves. The technological advances occurring every day, it is probable that the techniques a student learns today with specific software or equipment may be irrelevant in three to five years. Therefore we want students to learn the theories and the principles behind the tools and more importantly the ability to learn.

When they’re not instructing our team like to watch and play sports, bake, spend time with their families. With the range of backgrounds and interests, they are as varied as our students.

We encourage students to contact our Instructor Team as often as they require on 1300 720 648 1300 720 648 or log a support request using SMART.


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Get yourself hired with these interview tips


Job interviews are arguably some of the most important meetings you will ever have in your life. The outcome of an interview can greatly affect your career trajectory, whether it means you continue along your planned path or start a new one to find a more fulfilling occupation.

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