Is the music industry the guide post for the future of education?

When did you last buy music on a CD?beach

It’s quite confronting when you suddenly realise it was ten years ago.

Before the iPod and iTunes revolution, we purchased the latest hits by heading down to our local music store.

To purchase our songs of choice we would often buy 11 other songs we didn’t really care for and too bad if the store was closed or out of stock – we would just have to wait – and we did.

Not anymore. Do you know where your nearest music store is today?

Today we expect music anywhere, anytime and with immediate access.

Record companies said it could never happen.

Today’s music lover is also today’s student and the transformation in the way we access music I believe is a guide post to the way we will also access learning in the future.

Recently, Laureate International Universities, the World’s largest largest Higher Education provider  commissioned Zogby Analytics (see document below) to undertake the University of the Future Survey where more than 20,800 students across 21 countries provided their view.

The conclusion – ‘it will be accessible, flexible, innovative and job-focussed’.

Most educators believe this will never happen.


Written by Andrew Horton. Group Managing Director, Didasko Group

Zogby Final Report.ashx[2][6]

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