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Promoted after only seven months!

Daniei_Orlicki_2_Nov2013_v2Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Daniel’s first ICT role was as a Level 1/2 Client Liaison Officer. A role which put Daniel’s determination to succeed to the test. He had to learn five applications (one is hard enough) which his clients use.

Daniel focused on learning as much as possible to provide the best support to the clients.

After seven months of hard work, Daniel’s manager asked to have a chat with him. Daniel’s natural reaction was one of concern – thinking oh no, what’s wrong?  The answer – nothing was wrong and everything was right!

Daniel received praise and recognition for amount of time, effort and energy he had put into his work and was promoted. His new role looks after all existing and new clients globally who are converting to Cloud technology.

Daniel will manage upgrades, backups, updates, ensuring the client’s database is functioning correctly and that their data is secure.

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Team work finds Daniel work

Daniel - job placementCourse studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: IT Service Help Desk

Daniel was studying at University however found it wasn’t suited to him, he is better suited to a self-paced learning style.

Growing up with computers led to Daniel’s curiosity, he was often wondering, ‘how do these work’, so he would quite often pull them apart!

He opted to study at Computer Power because the style of teaching, self-paced study, the embedded Vendor Certifications and the Job Placement assistance.

The practical components of the course are Daniel’s most preferred, but he accepts that you cannot get away from paperwork – whether you’re studying or working.

Daniel and Meg (our National Placement Consultant) worked together to prepare his resume and to refine his interview skills. Job Placement put Daniel forward for an IT Service Help Desk role supporting clients to resolve a wide variety of technical across the Asia Pacific region for a global card manufacturing company.

It was his Networking diploma and customer service skills which he developed while he was working in retail which led to Daniels success. He secured the role and is already establishing himself as a valued team member.

Daniel’s manager is a Computer Power graduate from 23 years ago.

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It was the great help from the Computer Power team that enabled Jay to start his career in ICT.

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: Junior Desktop Support Engineer


Placement - Jay Keong

Jay was working full-time for a small distribution company and realised his position was not going anywhere. He had always dreamed about a career in ICT, so he decided to pursue it and enrolled as an e-Campus student at Computer Power to complete a diploma of Information Technology Networking.

Approximately three months into his study, Jay decided he’d like to put the theory he was learning into practice by gaining work in the IT industry.

At the commencement of the Employment Preparation Program, Jay was contacted by Meg Thomson (our National Placement Consultant) Jay shared with her his desire to work. Meg and Jay worked together to create his cover letters and resumes – each tailored to suit the position advertisements he was applying for.

After a few weeks, Jay was invited to attend an interview for a Junior Desktop Support Engineer position. Again Meg and Jay worked together to prepare him for possible interview scenarios and questions, this included discussing Jay’s previous experience.

Jay felt he performed well in his interview, but wasn’t 100 percent confident because it was his first interview with an ICT company. After talking to Meg, he decided it would be a good idea to send a thank you email to the interviewer and reiterate how he could contribute to their team.

A few days later Jay received a call from the IT Manager, who invited him to a second interview. The second interview was a video conference interview with the Global IT Manager and other members of the IT team. Yet again Jay and Meg discussed how he could best prepare and how to handle this type of interview.

Shortly after, the IT Manager called Jay. Jay was told that he received great feed-back and was offered the role – and yes he accepted!

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Computer Power helping you make your career move

Course studied: Diploma of Software Development

Job title: Network, Technical & Website Support

Chris had been working in retail as a shop assistant/cashier for ten years. It was approximately five years ago when he developed an interest in ICT, and began teaching himself about programming. This enabled him to create websites and other digital content.

Chris was keen to develop his technical knowledge further; and enrolling at Computer Power enabled him to do this. While studying, Chris also enhanced his communication and relationship building skills.

Now working at a major sporting software company, Chris provides all-round ICT Support throughout the business.

Highly motivated, Chris is continuing to study, working hard to improve himself while taking on the challenges of his new role.


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Goal: Move to Melbourne to find ICT work Status: Achieved

Course Studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: Level 1 Help Desk Agent

Placement - John Briffa

Prior to studying at Computer Power, John was working as an Apple Mac Technician in the country. To enhance his career opportunities in ICT he decided to move to Melbourne.

John’s decision to study was made to formalise and further develop his knowledge as a step towards finding himself a great job in Melbourne.

The flexible hours, ability to complete the diploma within 12 months or earlier, and our Job Placement Service were the key factors when deciding to enrol at Computer Power.

John has now secured a Level 1 Help Desk Agent position with an outsourcing company that oversee the Help Desk function for a number of major organisations across Australia.

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You can bet on IT

Keeping core systems online is vital when you’re processing transactions for one of Australia’s largest sporting events.


When you’re helping to run a multi-billion dollar enterprise and close to 10 per cent of revenue comes in on one day of the year, then you know there are serious pressures to keep the lights on. That day is Melbourne Cup day, and the enterprise is Tabcorp.

Kim Wenn, Tabcorp’s CIO, says Melbourne Cup day is decidedly the biggest betting day of the year for the company, with punters betting more than $180 million on the day of the “race that stops a nation.” This means 50 million transactions are processed all day, and up to 2000 bets per second at peak times.

“Our systems just have to work seamlessly,” says Wenn.

Appropriately for a position with that sort of pressure, Wenn reports directly to the CEO and attends all board meetings, as well as working with all of her peers within the company.


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