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Student survey results

Computer power student satisfaction 73% and customer service satisfaction 84%.

Thank you to the students who took part in the recent student survey. The information provided enables us to continuously improve.

The breakdown of people who participated in the survey was a good representation of our student demographics. We received responses from a mixture of genders, ages, diplomas, stages of course progression and study methods.

Computer Power believe that education should be affordable, accessible and most importantly, lead to an employment outcome. The survey results show that our students believe this too, with the employer-sorted Vendor Certifications being the most important component of the Computer Power offer when they were considering education institutes.

The best aspects of studying at Computer Power are:

  • being able to study at your own pace and at times which suit your  lifestyle
  • the inclusion of the Vendor Certifications
  • the project work, being able to use the skills you have acquired
  • how passionate and experienced the team is
  • the learning guides which are easy to work through
  • being able to interact with other students

Areas we can improve are:

  • to provide more information about Student Services
  • to supply more information and job placement and job seeking
  • to provide printed text books
  • to increase the space for students to save work
  • to add videos to the learning materials
  • to create a hands-on component for networking students
  • to introduce one-on-ones reviews at regular intervals throughout the course
  • to extend the campus opening hours

We value this feedback and are pleased to inform you that we have introduced a Student Services webpage, check out

We are currently creating a Job Placement page which students can access. This page will have sample cover letters and resumes, events and sessions, job descriptions, available jobs and our success stories.

Due to licencing it is difficult for us to printed text books, (students can purchase these independently). We are looking into enabling access to books on electronic readers.

Increased space for students to save work to was requested, students currently have five gigs. Unfortunately, if we increase the space it reduces the loading time. We suggest student’s use Skydrive, (the online cloud) where there are 15 gigs available to save files and books.

Videos of the on campus Focus Group sessions will be provided for all students to view on the LMS.

The Diploma of IT Networking will contain more simulators in the future.

All students will hear from an Instructor fortnightly. Should a student not contact us within this time frame, an Instructor will contact them to review their progress and to assist if required.

Currently, we are not looking to increase the campus hours, however if demand requires it we will open the campus on Saturday mornings.

Your feedback was greatly appreciated, and always is. If you’d like to provide feedback about Computer Power it is always welcome. You can provide feedback to all members of the Computer Power team in person, over the phone or via email.



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Google backs project to slash Internet costs worldwide

A new coalition wants to ensure broadband access costs less than 5 percent of monthly incomes.

Internet access can be expensive, especially in developing countries. Google is backing a new project that aims to change that.

The search giant said Monday it has helped found the Alliance for Affordable Internet, or A4AI, a global coalition backed by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee that hopes to dramatically cut the cost of Internet access.

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