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Bill Gates confesses: ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ was a mistake

BILL Gates has confessed that it was a mistake to set ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ as a way to log in to Windows.

During a talk at Harvard, Gates said that there was an option to make a single button for such a command, but the IBM keyboard designer didn’t want to give Microsoft a single button.

“One thing I want to ask you about with respect to the software you’ve created. Why when I want to turn on my software and computer do I need to have three fingers?”” said interviewer David Rubenstein.

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Recruiter sees changes in IT teams

Hudson Asia Pacific registers downward pressure overall on hiring intentions for ICT

There’s been declining sentiment for hiring and investment in IT since the federal election was announced in January, but with a new government taking the reins that looks set to change, according to Tim Davis, director ICT at recruitment firm Hudson Asia Pacific.

New figures released by the firm this morning found that IT outstripped other areas when it came to hiring sentiment, with 31.1 per cent of hiring managers intending to increase ICT headcount. However, this still represents a 3.1 percentage point drop from the previous Hudson Report: Employment Trends.

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BRW Young Rich list 2013 names Australia’s youngest millionaires

TECHNOLOGY and sports are the hottest industries for young Australians who want  to rake in the cash, with the sectors dominating the 2013 BRW Young Rich List  released today.

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Computer Power helping people to achieve their career goals

Job Placement - Mitch

Job Placement – Mitch

Course studied: Diploma of Software Development

Job title: Training and Support Consultant

Prior to commencing his studies at Computer Power, Mitch was working as a Trades Assistant in the joinery/cabinetmaking industry.


Mitch was ready for a change and was interested in programming. His uncle suggested Computer Power to him. Mitch reviewed the course content and delivery style. He decided it was well suited to help him achieve his goals.


After Mitch graduated it only took seven weeks and four interviews for him to land his dream role.  Mitch is now a Training and Support Consultant. In his role Mitch will be providing technical support for an engineering/construction management software application. This involves implementations, training clients, and working on minor enhancements and customisations.

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Formal ICT training broadens your career prospects!

Placement - Matthew

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: 1st Level Helpdesk Support Consultant

When Matt’s contract with a major Telco was coming to an end he realised that, to broaden his Information and Communications Technology career prospects, he needed to be proactive and get some formal training.

The reasons why studying at Computer Power appealed to Matt include, the self-paced learning, the flexible study hours and the Job Placement assistance. The self-paced learning and flexible study hours mean that Matt is able to work through the courseware at his own pace, and can schedule his study around his commitments.

The support of the Job Placement Consultant throughout the job hunting process assisted Matt to secure his 1st Level Helpdesk Support Consultant role within the Technology Services Department of a multi-national steel company.

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Support from Computer Power Instructors and Job Placement helps Jack secure a great role!

Job Placement - Jack

Job Placement – Jack

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: 1st Level Technical Support

After finishing secondary school in 2012 Jack’s next step was to choose the right tertiary course. Knowing that he wanted to pursue his love of Information and Communications Technology, Jack explored the options available to him.

Jack chose to study at Computer Power because Vendor Certifications are included within our diploma, the study hours are flexible and because there is ongoing Instructor support.

Computer Power’s Job Placement support assisted Jack to build his resume, highlight his existing customer service skills and his new ICT technical skills.

It took Jack only two weeks to secure a great role, providing 1st Level Technical Support for a leading, independent provider of services to the payments and retail industries.

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