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Computer Power have assisted all of these students/ Graduates obtain jobs

Computer Power have assisted all of these students/ Graduates obtain jobs

The Computer Power Job Placement Service offers students and graduates job placement support. We provide expert guidance in navigating the job market, writing application letters and resumes, and interview skill development.

Computer Power’s Placement Consultant assists and mentors students and graduates throughout the recruitment process.


Brahim was looking to improve his work/life balance

Course studied: Diploma of Software Development
Job title: Instructor

With fatherhood pending, Brahim was determined to create a secure routine. He was a shift-worker in the manufacturing industry and wanted to improve his work/life balance. Spending time with his family and being able to better provide for them became a priority.

For a long time Brahim’s family had been telling him he should work in ICT. It was something Brahim had always shown an interest in. It was a relative of his – who is a Computer Power graduate, who suggested he consider studying with us too.

Brahim valued this advice, and naturally had his own wish-list of expectations from his educator: to complete his diploma within 12 months, to work at his own pace (knowing that a traditional classroom environment wouldn’t suit him), and Job Placement assistance.

Being able to study at his own pace meant Brahim could fast-track through easier courseware and spend more time on more challenging courseware.

Brahim completed the Diploma of Software Development and is now employed full-time as an Instructor at Computer Power. He found that having to come to Computer Power in business attire each day made the transition from warehouse to office much easier!

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Study, get a job and move up!

Course studied: Diploma of Information Technology Networking

Job title: Help Desk Consultant



Like many of our students, Matt has had a long-term interest in computers, for him it was the networking side which appealed. After accepting that he no longer found studying and working in architecture fulfilling, he decided to pursue what he was truly passionate about –Information and Communications Technology.

After discovering Computer Power, Matt arranged to have a tour of the campus in Melbourne; he used this opportunity to ask questions about the Networking diploma, the way of learning, student expectations and the Job Placement Service.

Shortly after, Matt decided that Computer Power was the right educator for him and enrolled.

Being able to complete his networking diploma within 12 months, the self-paced nature of study, professional environment, courseware, Vendor Certifications, and job placement support suited Matt perfectly.

Computer Power’s Job Placement Service helped Matt obtain a part-time role as a Help Desk Consultant. After seven months in this role, he found a permanent Level 2 Support Analyst position within the Managed Services Team of a mining and construction firm.

Matt provides regional support to internal clients and has a number of his own projects to look after including Exchange, CISCO phones and routers.

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Study with Computer Power as your pathway to ICT employment

Course studied: Diploma of Software Development
Job title: Instructor

Matthew spent a decade working in various roles with a major Melbourne university, from time tabling, database development and support, code writing and extracting data (which Matthew taught himself) these roles eventually evolved into a Management role.

While working on a programming project Matthew rediscovered a talent and love of ICT. He realised that it was the programming part of his role he enjoyed most, so he decided to formally study Software Development as part of his pathway towards ICT employment.

‘I looked to study at Universities and TAFE’s but they’d take too long and don’t offer flexibility’ Matthew informed us when we asked why he chose to study at Computer Power.

Computer Power also stood out to Matthew because of the business culture, and its industry relevance.

While studying, Matthew transferred to part-time study to enable him to accept a contract to work as a Graduate Programmer with a software house.

When this role ended Matthew was still able to utilise Computer Power’s Job Placement service. With his experience working in education and more recently in ICT, he was offered a full-time position at Computer Power as an Instructor which he accepted.

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Alex was always interested in ICT, and decided to re-launch his career

Alex found his way to Computer Power after a few false starts. After trying Personal Training and Carpentry and finding himself dissatisfied, Alex went searching for what he wanted.

Alex created websites as a hobby during Year 12 and his Mum suggested that he seriously consider a career in ICT.

After speaking to a friend who had also shown an interest in ICT, they both decided to look into studying at Computer Power. Alex wasn’t sure that he wanted to return to study; however the way of learning, the environment, Vendor Certifications and his friends support gave him the confidence to enrol. In fact he and his friend started at Computer Power together.

When asked how Computer Power assisted him with the transition from student to employee, Alex let us know that ‘having to wear business attire at Computer Power and the hours prepared me for the workforce. I couldn’t be happier.’

Alex is now an IT Service Desk Analyst working with Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft Server, Exchange, and SQL for an IT Managed Services firm in Richmond.

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From working in a supermarket to providing ICT support across Australia and New Zealand

Course studied: Diploma of Software Development
Job title: IT Support Officer

Shane began his studies at Computer Power as he was looking to expand his ICT skills and knowledge.

Prior to working in a supermarket for over a decade Shane assisted the family business in Computer retailing, and worked as a Network Administrator at a school. While Shane enjoyed his work in retail he missed the challenges and rewards of working in ICT.

Shane told us ‘I chose to study at Computer Power as they offered Vendor Certifications, the subjects I wanted to complete, industry experienced Instructors and the self-paced way of learning appealed.’

A large sporting organisation contacted Computer Power to assist with their recruitment, as they had a vacancy for an IT Support Officer. Shane was put forward as he was eager to immerse himself in a challenging entry-level role. Professional throughout the recruitment process, Shane was offered the role, which he accepted.

Shane is now providing support across Australia and New Zealand. He works on internal software projects, CRM and finance systems, infrastructure and software.

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