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The Computer Power Recruitment Service offers a free placement service to employers looking to hire highly career-motivated students and graduates into entry level roles within their team and organisation.

We can provide candidates for:

■ Student and Graduate Placement

■ Flexible Staffing Solutions / Short and Long-term contract staff

■ Field Site Training (work experience)

Computer Power can provide you with job ready employees for entry-level roles such as:

■ Software Development

■ e-Commerce

■ Web Development

■ Systems Analysts

■ Database Administration

■ Network & Systems Administration

■ Hardware Technician

■ Computer Engineer

■ Help Desk, Software Support

■ Technical Support

■ e-Marketing Support


  • More than 90% of Computer Power graduates have achieved employment within the ICT sector since 1968
  • Computer Power offer a free Professional Recruitment Service to our students, graduates and employers
  • We save employers time by coordinating the recruitment process
  • We work with the employer and graduate, and consider the best interests of both
  • Empowering students and graduates with the confidence to know when and how to negotiate the job offer